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Extended Learning Opportunities

As part of our wider PESPPA (Physical Education, School Sport and Phyiscal Activity) offer, Whittington is committed to ensuring all children experience a range of experiences to help build ontheir learning and allow them to experience new things. 

Outdoor & Adventurous experiences - In Year 4, the children have the opportunity to go on a 3-day adventure to Whitemoor Lakes where they take part in a range of individual and team activities such as archery, fencing, high rope, canooeing, orienteering, climbing, abseiling and their ever favourite zip wire! Our pupils are able to challenge themselves and persevere in order to achieve, push themselves to face fears, utilise their fundamental skills differently and work collaboratively with others. 

Our Year 5 residential is an outdoor camping experience where the children get to experience camping for 2 nights, as well as experience a range of outdoor and adventurous activities. 

Enrichment Days - We strive to provide a wide range of sporting opportunities beyond that of our extensive taught curriculum, in the hopes that children find a sport or area of fitness that they love. Over the years, we have offered a range of different opportunities for our children, including wheelchair basketball, rugby tasters, tai chi, hula-hooping, Quidditch, a range of dance styles, Yoga & Meditation, martial arts, zorbing, and many more.

Sports and Wellbeing Week - Each year we complete our Whittington Sports & Wellbeing week at the beginning of July which allows the children to experience a range of sports and activities aimed to equip them to lead healthy lifestyles both physically and mentally. During the week, we come away from our normal timetable so that staff and pupils can dedicate the time to ensuring the week is full exciting experiences for the children. We have enrichment days, visitors coming in to run taster sessions with the children (making the most of local links!), we complete mindful activities, learn about healthy eating, water safety and complete a range of personal best challenges. We also celebrate our School Sports Day during this week, a morning to celebrate sport within our school! 

Competitive Opportunities - We see the value in allowing all our pupils the opportunity to experience sport in a competitive situation and strive to provide the children with the life skills needed to thrive in these activities. We aim to provide as many children as possible with the chance to represent our school at inter-school level last year, providing this opportunity to 51% of KS2 pupils which had increased from 35% the previous year. We provide 100% of our children with the opportunity to take part in intra-school competitions for their houses, including our annual sports day. We also promote the importance of challenging ourselves and pushing ourselves to compete against our own previous bests by completing a range of Personal Best challenges throughout the year!