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Reading - Year 3/4

The above table shows the elements that the new curriculum requires.


Here are some questions you could use when reading with your child.


Type of Question

Thinking Processes


(recalling and remembering)

Say what you know and remember. Describe, repeat, identify. Tell who, what, when, where, which.


(interpreting and understanding)

Describe in your own words; say what it means; explain.

How would you compare…?

What facts show…?

What is meant by…?

What can you say about…?


(making use of)

Apply what you know and use it to solve problems.

What elements would you chose to change…?

What questions would you ask in an interview with…?

What facts would you select to show that…?


(Taking apart)

What are the parts, order, reasons why, the problems, solutions?

Why do you think…?

What motive is there…?

What inference can you make…?

What evidence can you find…?


(judging and assessing)

How do you feel about it?

How would you judge it?

Does it succeed?

What do you prefer?

What is your opinion of…?

Why do you think so?

Why did the character choose…?


(planning, producing)

How might it be different?

What if? Suppose? Develop, improve, create your own.

Can you elaborate on the reason…?

How could you change the plot…?

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