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Sports and Wellbeing Week and Sports Day

Our annual Sports and Well-being week is a fantastic opportunity to come off our regular timetable and focus on the importance of having good physical and mental health. During this week we have a number of activities for our whole school community to enjoy:

Enrichment and Taster Sessions: Provide the children with the chance to experience a broad range of activities and sports led by both staff and external providers. We also try and make use of links in the community by inviting local sports clubs to come and give taster sessions. In previous years, this has led to children joining clubs or taking up sports outside of school. 

Personal Best: We provide children with the chance to challenge themselves and compete with their own best scores. We do activities where the children will only be in competition with themselves and their previous best scores rather than with each other. 

Water Safety: We believe that it is essential to teach all of our children about water safety, not just those accessing school swimming in Year 4. Sports and Wellbeing week is a great chance to explore this area with the children and educate them on the importance of safety around water and what to do if they get into trouble near water. 

Intra-house Competitions: Our year 1-6 children, who are all members of a house team will complete a range of activities to earn points for their house with a winning house being announced at the end of the week. This year we have introduced a house football and netball tournament for the older years too! 

Sports Day: Our sports day is a real day of celebration of sports where parents are invited to watch their children represent their house team. Our inclusive event is accessed by 100% of our children, which is something we are extremely proud of! 

2024 - This year we are utilising the world event of the Olympics and Paralympics and using this to drive our activities.