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The Whittington Mile

At Whittington Primary School we are committed to improving the health and well being of our pupils. As part of our aim to provide children with  range of physical activity opportunities, we began the Whittington Mile in April 2017. Since it began, the Whittington Mile, has become a regular part of our school day and we aim to keep it interesting by completing different challenges.

2017 - 2018: During this academic year the staff and children ran to various locations around the World. We began by running to Paris, then the Pyramids in Cairo and finally to the Taj Mahal. 

During the summer term we ran to the World Cup final in Moscow! 

2018-2019: As part of our PE Action Plan we are aiming to improve the equipment and facilities available to the children in order to allow them to be more active at play times and lunch times. As part of this the children are completing two challenges:

Autumn - For every mile that the children run, they will earn £1 to be put towards playground equipment. After earning the equipment and choosing it along with the sports council it is hoped that the children will take ownership and care for it well.

Congratualtions! You ran 893 miles so have raised £893 towards playground equipment! Well done!

Spring & Summer:  For every mile that the children run, they will earn £1 to be put towards something larger which will improve the outdoor area. The sports council will help to choose and organise this. 

Good luck everyone, keep running!