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a) Spring 2019 (Yr 1/2)

In Spring 1 our learning curriculum in Years 1 and 2 has focused on the big question: 
Who was here before us? 
This has been split up into these weekly questions: 
 Has the world always looked like this?
 Did all dinosaurs look the same? 
 How do we know they were here? 
 What is a fossil and how is it created? 
 Where did they go? 
In week one, we found out that the world looked quite different millions of years ago. The  children learned that the continents were joined together rather than split into seven different ones as they are today.  

We then looked at the different types of dinosaurs  from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and compared their differences and similarities. Children were able to speculate and identify whether the dinosaurs were herbivores, omnivores or carnivores. 
In week three, we have a visit from a dinosaur expert who brought with him a selection of fossils for the children to excavate themselves. They even got the chance to meet a life-size T-Rex and a baby   Allosaurus!  

We finished our topic by looking at the different theories of extinction for dinosaurs and writing about which one we think is the most plausible. The children were incredibly excited by our dinosaur topic and produced some fantastic work!